Diving Works

Underwater Ship’s Inspection (UWILD)

Underwater Survey of Ships (UWILD)

Survey of ships with the classification societies involved

Ship Repairs and Maintenance

Underwater Ship Repair

Grinding and polishing of ship propellers, ship's hull cleaning, replacement of anode protection.

Underwater Search and Raising of Sunken Items

Lifting of Sunken Items

The Company is engaged in cleaning the bottom of water areas and lifting sunken items, ships, barges

Side-scan sonar

Underwater Search

Underwater search using side-scan sonar. GPS coordinates and chart compilation

Underwater filming

Underwater Video Recording

Diving survey using the latest video technology

Construction and Repair of Hydraulic Structures

Underwater Repair

We carry out repairs of bridges, berths, hydroelectric power plants, and other hydraulic structures

SIA "ASPTR", which has many years of experience, will quickly and efficiently perform underwater diving and engineering operations in the Baltic States.
The team of specialists of the company is ready urgently get down to diving operations in Riga, Klaipeda, Tallinn, Liepaja, and Ventspils.

The Company offers the following list of main services:
• underwater survey of ship's hull;
• survey of ships with the classification societies involved;
• inspection of underwater rudder gear (steering arrangement);
• underwater video recording and photography;
• grinding and polishing of ship propellers;
• sea chest cleaning;
• sealing of holes, cracks, etc. applying advances technique and materials;
• rescue operations;
• replacement of anodes.
• underwater welding and cutting of metals;
• diving survey of berths and other hydrotechnical facilities;
• transfer of fuel and water by down-pumps;
• underwater search and recovery of sunken items;
• consultation and preparation of estimates for diving operations
and many other underwater operations.
Our competence is acknowledged by classification societies.