Construction and Repair of Hydraulic Structures

Hydraulic structures are constantly affected by a variety of natural factors, respectively, the structures wear out and need maintenance and repair. Our Company is engaged in the construction and repair of industrial and civil engineering projects. We have extensive experience in repairing various water intake structures: bridges, berths, piers, hydroelectric power plants and other water-development works.

We eliminate any design defects quickly and with due quality:
• pier damage,
• cracks and discrepancies of sheet piles,
• we restore the depths of berths in accordance with regulatory documents,
• we clean up the water area,
• provide installation and dismantling of building structures,
• replacement of fenders.
We also carry out works related to underwater concreting, underwater welding, and a number of other diving operations.
We use only high-quality and modern technologies and materials in our work.
Timely diagnostics and repair of hydraulic structures will extend the period of its trouble-free operation.